Ural State University of Architecture and Art

ISSN 1990-4126

The procedure for submitting and reviewing manuscripts

  1. Accepted for consideration are articles designed in accordance with the requirements established by the journal. The editorial board and the editorial board reserve the right, at their own discretion, to accept for publication manuscripts that do not fully comply with the established Requirements.

  2. Authors within 7 days receive notice of receipt of the article.

  3. Articles submitted to the editors are tested in the Antiplagiat program and only then are sent for review. Manuscripts are reviewed by specialists from universities of the Russian Federation. Editing of manuscripts (scientific, stylistic, technical) is carried out by the editorial board of the journal and the editors in accordance with the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation on the publication of scientific literature.

  4. The editorial board reserves the right to either immediately reject the manuscript or return it for revision. If the article does not meet the requirements (by subject, scientific level, novelty, depth of research, as well as the formal side), the author is sent a reasoned refusal, which is attached a copy of the review. The name of the reviewer can be communicated to the author only with the consent of the reviewer.

  5. A notification is sent to the author both in the case of a positive one and in the case of a negative review (a copy of the review is attached).

  6. A revised version of the article is sent to the reviewer for re-review.

  7. The editorial board reserves the right to make editorial changes and literary corrections to the text of the manuscript, not distorting its meaning.

  8. The views of the author and the editorial board may not coincide, in this case, a footnote to the article can be made.

  9. Payment for reviews is based on the volume of manuscripts and the cost of review services established by order of the rector of the academy.

  10. Articles are printed in the order of their receipt by the editor. If the article is sent to the author for revision, then the date of receipt of the article is the date of return of the modified article.

  11. In one issue of the journal can not be published more than two articles of one author.

  12. The original article with edits of the editor and proofreading is stored in the archives of the editorial board for at least 5 years (as an official document) with reviews attached, in accordance with the Federal Law “On the Mandatory Copy of Documents” No. 77-FZ of December 29, 1994.

  13. Copies of the reviews are sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon request.

  14. Manuscripts of articles and magnetic media are not returned to the authors.

  15. Postgraduate students are not charged for publishing manuscripts.

  16. Publication of articles is carried out in accordance with the agreements concluded with the authors.

Chief Editor                                                                                                                          L.P. Kholodova