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Doctoral student, Senior Lecturer,
Department of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture.
Ural State University of Architecture and Art,

Russia, Yekaterinburg, e-mail: yana-cher@mail.ru


Cherepnina Yana L.
Urban planning approaches in the master plans of 1972 and 2004 for Ekaterinburg

Architecton: Proceedings of Higher Education №2 (82) June, 2023

From the very first day, the construction of the mill/fortress/town of Ekaterinburg proceeded according to a pre-developed plan. Over its 300-year history, the city of Ekaterinburg (formerly Sverdlovsk) has seen more than 20 schemes and city plans. From the 18th to the 21st century, Ekaterinburg developed as an industrial city. With the adoption of the 2004 Master Plan, the city is writing its history as a megapolis and post-industrial industrial center. The article compares the master plans of Sverdlovsk (1972) and Ekaterinburg (2004) and shows continuity, traditions and innovative ideas in the development of the city. The master plans have similar features, such as compactness along with its increasing area, planned population growth, growing housing construction, expanding street and public transport network, and reconstruction of existing highways and roads, foundation of new districts, relocation of hazardous enterprises from residential areas, development of a sustainable water and landscaping framework – all these present a continuing tradition of these plans. The master plans are different in the rationales that underlie the development and functions of the city, as well as in its configuration, merger with satellite towns, and growth into an urban agglomeration.

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Cherepnina, Ya.L. Urban planning approaches in the master plans of 1972 and 2004 for Ekaterinburg [Online] //Architecton: Proceedings of Higher Education. – 2023. – №2(82). – URL: http://archvuz.ru/en/2023_2/21/  – doi: 10.47055/19904126_2023_2(82)_21

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