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PhD student, 
Research supervisor: Professor S.V. Ilvitskaya, Doctor of Architecture,
State University of Land Use Planning,

Russia, Moscow


Golovkin Alexander B.

Architecton: Proceedings of Higher Education №2 (38) June, 2012

The article is devoted to the architecture of the baptismal font. This architectural creativity object is considered in its evolution – from a vessel made of a uniform piece of stone to big-size collapsible font made from contemporary composite materials. Until very recently, the evolution of the architectural form of the font was of interest for historians only. The small metal bowls that are still available in the Russian Orthodox Church, suitable for immersing a newborn baby only, could not be considered as full-scale architectural objects. Our Church, however, has repeatedly voiced the need to revive the ancient tradition of baptism by immersing adults in water completely. This makes it necessary to build fonts comparable with small pools in size.

The experience of creating fonts of a considerable size is gaining value. Besides historical objects to be studied, there are specimens in modern-day practice as well. A lot of Christian Churches have not lost the tradition of baptizing adults in large fonts that fit person completely. Unique designs have been created from modern-day materials, and innovative ideas were proposed concerning the location of the font in church building. The solutions that stood the test of time are still relevant. Studying the variety of spatial planning solutions, materials and art forms of fonts and analyzing of prototypes for conformity to modern-day requirements are essential for the further development of temple architecture in Russia.

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Golovkin A.B. EVOLUTION OF THE ARCHITECTURE OF THE BAPTISMAL FONT [Online] //Architecton: Proceedings of Higher Education. – 2012. – №2(38). – URL: http://archvuz.ru/en/2012_2/6 

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