Ural State University of Architecture and Art

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PhD student, 
Research supervisor: Professor N.A.Morgun, PhD (Architecture),
Institute of Architecture and Arts, Southern Federal University,

Russia, Rostov-on-Don


Anisimov Vadim Yu.

Architecton: Proceedings of Higher Education №2 (38) June, 2012

The article is a search for innovative approaches to school building design that would make it possible to put off the time when a school would get obsolescent. From the viewpoint of the systems approach, a school is a dynamic unity of the school building’s architectural space, the processes that run in it, and the participants of those processes (pupils, teachers, parents, educators, auxiliary personnel). For the architecture of a school building to be sustainable, it should respond adequately to the processes that occur within the school and around it. The evolution of complex systems that reflects the transition of a system to a qualitatively different state and level of stability may be described by means of the bifurcation theory.

Based on the systems approach, the article examines the integral school components. The systems character assumes that subsystems of different levels are structurally ordered, and there are various associations between them. The concept of evolution of school architecture provides for dynamism and development. An examination of the system’s components with regard to stability makes it possible to identify layers that need to be integrated into the design whilst keeping freedom for transformation and movement of the system’s elements with time. For the program of sustainable development to be realised, the layers should enjoy a certain degree of freedom and autonomy in the functioning of the system as a whole. Each of the layers should be able to function independently without impairing the integrity of the entire system. This makes it possible to adjust, augment or reduce each layer in the course of the system’s functioning.

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Anisimov V.Yu. SYSTEMS APPROACH TO SCHOOL BUILDING DESIGN [Online] //Architecton: Proceedings of Higher Education. – 2012. – №2(38). – URL: http://archvuz.ru/en/2012_2/7 

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