Ural State University of Architecture and Art

ISSN 1990-4126


Основы теории дизайна массовых легковых автомобилей

В монографии изложены основные вехи истории развития дизайна и маркетинга массовых легковых автомобилей (МЛА) в XX веке. Даны основы современной методики художественного проектирования и конструирования, исторические примеры создания реальных концепт-каров ведущих автомобильных фирм мира во второй половине ХХ века. Впервые, на основе развития формы МЛА, введена периодизация мировой автомобильной истории, в основу которой легла идея, предложенная основоположником теории автомобильного дизайна СССР и России Ю. Долматовским. Предложен авторский прогноз тенденции развития стиля формы массовых автомобилей до 2035 г., на основе метода экстраполяции тенденции развития стиля в ХХ веке.


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Небоскреб как произведение пластического искусства

В монографии освещен широкий круг вопросов, связанных с развитием архитектурных форм современных высотных зданий. Выявлены и обобщены древние исходные архетипы – предшественники современных небоскребов. Определены этапы, тенденции и парадигмы исторического и композиционно-художественного развития архитектурных форм высотных объектов в различных странах мира. Создана общая теоретическая модель современного высотного зодчества, обозначены узловые проблемы и перспективы его развития. Определена характерная региональная специфика композиционно-художественного формирования современной высотной архитектуры в мегаполисах различных стран.


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Lev Epple

The book tells about the life and work of Leo Epple.


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Semiotics in architecture

The publication outlines a brief history of the design of semiotics into an independent scientific discipline, the conceptual apparatus of general semiotics, used to describe a variety of social and natural processes, including the process of perception of an architectural form by man. This makes it possible to consider architecture and society as single-order phenomena, to use the described conceptual apparatus both for analyzing the architectural space and for creating new architectural forms. This is not just a monograph, but a finished textbook on the basics of semiotics with practical tasks for students. The author of the book graduated with honors from the Master's Academy at Ural State Academy of Architecture and Architecture, currently a professor at the Department of Theory of Architecture and Professional Communications of the Academy.


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Theory of Sustainable City Development

In this tutorial, the concept of "Sustainable Development" is considered. “Sustainable development” is understood by the author as development with minimization of possible risks. This interpretation is based on a number of fundamental theoretical principles. The presented viewpoint takes place at the city level.


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Mathematical methods in architectural theory

The book discusses modern methods of mathematics and the possibility of their use in the research and innovative and creative work of the architect. Each chapter is devoted to a separate mathematical method of conducting research and information processing with a detailed description of how to use these approaches in architecture theory.
For students of architectural and construction universities and faculties, for architects and professionals working in these areas of architecture and urban planning.


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Design, production and creation of clothing brands for children of different ages

The monograph is devoted to the development of clothing for children of different ages - from birth to 17 years. The monograph collected materials to form an idea about the creation of children's clothing, including design, construction, technological processing, organization of production and the creation of brands. The book is written for teachers, students and practitioners, as well as all those interested in the design of children's clothing.


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