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Architecton: Proceedings of Higher Education №1 (65) March, 2019

Theory of architecture

Alekseev Yury V.

Doctor habil. (Architecture), Professor,
Department of Town Planning Honored Builder of Russia
Moscow State University of Civil Engineering

Russia, Moscow, e-mail: alekseev-grado@yandex.ru

Anufriev Alexey A.

Architect, Instructor at the Department of Architecture
Moscow State University of Civil Engineering,
Member of the Union of Moscow Architects

Russia, Moscow, e-mail: anyfriev-aleksey@yandex.ru


УДК: 72.01
Шифр научной специальности: 85.110


A design experiment was carried outon an existing residential city block of 5-storey buildings. The experiment enabled the main points of pre-design evaluation to be considered with regard to the urban development and investment potential of the existing estate for renovation without demolition with relocation of tenants. The article shows the upgrading of the architectural, planning and spatial layouts of the existing buildingsachieved by adding structures to the existing buildings, arrangement of elevator shafts and inclusion of residential vertical extensions, mansard additions, infills, and detached (starter) houses. Tables with the main technical and economic indicators are presented to illustrate the transformation of the existing buildings from before to after the renovation. Preliminary financial costs are shown for the demolition of the non-residential facilities, overhaul (modernization) of the existing houses taking into account the addition of new structures, construction of superstructures, penthouses, outbuildings, infillsand starter houses andconstruction of new educational institutions and social and cultural facilities, garages, parking lots, improvements and landscaping. Preliminary financial income from the renovation from the sale of commercial property is estimated. The material of the article may be useful for architects, city planning and residential practitioners and researchers, local authorities, developers, investors and other stakeholders interested in investments in renovation of residential buildings.

Keywords: urban planning and investment potential, renovation of a residential block, reconstruction of residential, buildings, relocation of tenants




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Alekseev, Y.V., Anufriev,RENOVATION OF A RESIDENTIAL CITY BLOCK WITHOUT DEMOLITION OF THE 1950s – 1960s 5-STOREY BUILDINGSCARRIED OUT WITH RELOCATION OF THE TENANTS//Architecton: Proceedings of Higher Education. – 2019. – №1(65). – URL: http://archvuz.ru/en/2019_1/2 

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