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Register ORCID

ORCID is an open non-profit organization, conducting its activities on the principle of social principles. The work of the ORCID organization is aimed at creating and maintaining a register of unique identifiers of researchers and the link between research works and their results and these identifiers. The ORCID project is unique in that it is not limited to a specific scientific discipline, research section and state borders. The ORCID registry allows researchers to be associated with the results of their work by incorporating the ORCID iD into key processes, such as updating the researcher’s file, reviewing manuscripts and submitting applications for grants and patents.

The ORCID accounting system provides two main features:

1. The registry, in which you can get a unique identifier and manage the recording of research results.

2. Development Interfaces (APIs) designed to provide data transfer between different accounting systems and establish authorship of scientific works in each of them. ORCID software is distributed under a free license. The free download base is updated every year and operates on the basis of the copyright waiver tool and the transfer of works to the public domain (CC0).

For individual researchers, access to the ORCID registry is free. They can get an ORCID ID, manage the recording of the results of their activities and search for other scientists in the register. Research organizations can become members of the ORCID project to bind the ORCID ID to records stored in local databases, update the registry entries and receive notifications about the ORCID operation, as well as register their employees and students and receive the ORCID ID.

The ORCID registry stores non-confidential information: name, e-mail address, place of work and a record of research activities. The ORCID team understands the natural need of individual researchers in shaping the necessary understanding of their work, and therefore provides tools to manage the privacy settings of the data stored in the registry. The ORCID team takes measures to protect your information in accordance with the principles specified in the Privacy Policy, which, in turn, is based on the Safe Harbor Principles privacy policy developed by the US Department of Commerce.